Visuals: Blogs I want to bookmark

Part three of my “Open Tabs” entries.

I have all of these tabs open just because there’s this really beautiful image on each webpage that I want to remember.  (Yes, I know, they make platforms like Pinterest for moments like that).

I now have to be practical and start closing them one by one and corralling them here.  I have read somewhere (I’ll try to find it), that this is an age of curation, and here I shall continue doing just that.

1.  Jaw-droppingly beautiful papercut portraits by Kris Trappeniers


by Kris Trappeniers

2.  “We Are All Part of The Same Thing” by Dominique Falla


3. Designworklife

4. YearsLater

via i3lab: full moon odyssey floor-mattress & pillow

5.  Meva “Recycled Shadow” Installation via

6.  Anatomy of a Cupcake by Allen Hemberger and Sarah Wilson

7. Infinity from Colossal

8.  Cool loft ideas from Tumblr

9.  Be Your Own Souvenir campaign by blablabLab


10. Jason Lee‘s creative pictures of his kids


Apparently, I missed some more open tabs.

11.  Rainbow cloud over Ethiopa, by Esther Havens via

by Esther Havens

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