A handy guide to “Mobile-geddon”: How the buzz started, and developed in the news

Have you seen “mobile-geddon” cropping up on your feed, too? Did you understand what the trend was about?

I didn’t at first, to be honest. So, I compiled a simple timeline of articles and posts surrounding mobile-geddon, to give us all a picture of who started it, and what different blogs and news brands have said about it, prior to “D-Day”.

A Mobilegeddon Timeline

(Ironically, with Desktop Web screenshots)

Mobilegeddon Timeline 1Mobilegeddon Timeline 2Mobilegeddon 3Mobilegeddon Timeline 4Mobilegeddon Timeline 5

What fascinates me about this trend, is that it showcases:

1. The value of catchy, sensational hype-labels

People didn’t need to use “mobile-geddon”. They could have just said “Google’s algorithm change”.

But mobile-geddon is exaggerated and makes-you-click, so why not.

2. That Google is a HUGE part of digital. And a huge part of business.

I never felt the influence of a digital platform on the business community, until now.

This news item puts search engine marketers in the spotlight, and builds business for the entire ecosystem of digital services (search engine ads, media buyers, ad agencies, developers and designers).

Can you imagine how many brand owners contacted a digital specialist or consultant this week?

3. That design can matter, if a critical force demands that everyone follow suit.

Design and design testing is typically hard to justify.

Guess not anymore. This mobilegeddon may not be the truest way to argue for the value of design, but this shows “It’ll increase your Google search rank” is a Client hot button.

For my take on what a business needs to do during this time, please click on over to: Google tweaks algorithm, world (as we know it) ends: The one thing brand owners need to know.

Note: Thanks for reading! Message or comment if you’d like a clickable copy of the timeline.


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