Inspiration: Craft out of Hometown love

I like this trend in creating and selling art out of place names and maps.

It reminds me of loyalty, and hometown comfort and pride. But in a simple, cute package.

All featured in The Bold Italic shop.

t Necklace - By Honey & Bloom

West Coast Necklace – By Honey & Bloom

San Francisco Map Scarf - by Jennifer Maravillas

San Francisco Map Scarf – by Jennifer Maravillas

Topography Letterpress Print - by  Western Editions and Melissa Small

Topography Letterpress Print – by Western Editions and Melissa Small

Not about space. But about color ūüôā Which, I love too.

Color Wheel Pendant - by Yellow Owl Workshop

Color Wheel Pendant – by Yellow Owl Workshop

And, another extra: CinqPoints’ designer ¬†minimalist architectural toys.

home - by CInqPoints

home – by CinqPoints


Design links: Prettily creative kids’ crafts’ site; Hiroki Nakamura, my style icon, fun typography features and manufactured-ly “vintage” design


Aaargh, visually arresting site for crafting with kids!

I love the rainbow sprinkles-popcorn feature and all the rainbow objects!

2.  Hiroki Nakamura and VISVIM

This man is one of my style icons. ¬†Not all his products really, but more of how he carries himself. ¬†And how he’s able to pull off green bead necklaces with crisp shirts, and still seem like a gruff, straight but sophisticated man.

I also like his backpacks, and his retail philosopy.

VISVIM Laminaria Kudu

3. Onion Typography featured in CMYBacon

Onion Typography by André Baumecker

4.  Mid-Century Modern Typefaces Identified, featured in CMYBacon

Lubalin Graphic Bold – MCMTypefaces.Tumblr

5.  I like the old school, rough and artisanal design feel, so I enjoy this list of

40 Vintage and Retro Web Design Inspirations from InspirationFeed

5 Things I found nice today: the quietest place on earth, homemade butter, anime, prints and Harvard cooking lectures

5 Things I found nice today: the quietest place on earth, homemade butter, anime, prints and Harvard cooking lectures

1.  Cool..

It’s so quiet that after 45 minutes, some people have had hallucinations.

Welcome to the quietest place on earth.

Anechoic Test Chamber - Orfield Laboratories

2. The Little Friends of Printmaking

via Think.BigChief

3.  Q&A with Alana Chernila, author of The Homemade Pantry

Butter is a great one start with. It always works, it‚Äôs quick, and it‚Äôs totally magical.”

Yay ūüôā

4.  Cooking and Science Рbrought to you by Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. via Open Culture

5.  5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Pretty things: rainbow thread art, Pantone tarts, design and wedding blogs, beach nostalgia-hue business cards

1. Gabriel Dawe‘s Plexus No. 9 via Designspiration

Made of just thread, painted wood and hooks.

Plexus No. 9 - Gabriel Dawe

2.  Katani Lifestyle business cards by Motherbird. via Designspiration

3.  Pantone Tarts by Emilie de Griottes via designboom

4.  Decor 8.  A group I found through an Emilie de Griottes post (she just joined their team).

Really pretty content.  Watercolors, wallpaper, crafts.  Excellent visual femininity orgasm.

Sushi Print - by Miss Capricho

Catalina Estrada Wallpaper

Therese Sennerholt prints

5. Browsing through Decor8 led me to this picture:

Which was featured in Green Wedding Shoes.

Frankly, the best wedding idea blog I’ve seen. ¬†Each featured wedding is beautifully photographed and I bet brides’ll go crazy over the little detail inspirations in the posts.

The image above is of a backdrop created from rolled paper ribbons, made by the bride herself.

Most handsome wedding ring I've seen!

Yellow ombre cake!

Surf trail: for Handmade Zakka Craft

Googly-eyed girl alert.

I saw this book called Handmade Zakka Craft. ¬†Turns out “zakka” refers to “small, various¬†products used in everyday life”, but now also “represents a style of art and craft that is simple, charming, and of Japanese esthetic”¬†according to squidoo.

Searching about the book led me to all these beautiful blogs featuring or mentioning the book.

Hello Sandwich by Ebony Byzis

She’s also the creator of a prettily-crafted Tokyo guide.

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Grab bag: Design and architecture

Still cleaning up open tabs.  This will end someday and I will get around to actual writing. Soon, soon.

Accurate fake sunlight.  Beautifully practical Japanese objects. Friends of Type. Mon Zamora photos. A graffiti motion capture program. Andy Baio essay-article on the limits of intellectual property in design.  Design documentaries. Business card design. Brand memory game. Old-school medicine labels. Papercraft infgraphics.

1. ¬†Daniel Rybakken‘s smart optical trickery – “subconscious effect of daylight”. ¬†Replicating the appearance of sunlight in a windowless room using 6000 LED bulbs. Cool. via Couleurblind

Rybakken's "subconscious effect of daylight"

2.  I like how this book celebrates the Japanese regard for the beauty and aesthetic of everyday objects. Yay for the Japanese Ministry of Economy! via

365 Days Charming Everyday Things


3.  Beautiful pictures by Mon Zamora. via bumbumbum.

by Mon Zamora

4.  Discovering Friends of Type from popandshorty, a fun blog collating work by four type designers/graphic artists.

"Always Play Amongst Friends" - Friends of Type


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PROFESSIONal by VitaBrevis: Eric Arakawa on Pursuing What He Loves

I am all for doing what you love.

I love hearing about artisanship, dedication to craft, as I’ve always wanted to talk about.

I love watching footage of people who chose to devote themselves to something they’re passionate about, no matter how atypical. Or, I guess, I like it more when it is atypical – when they go out on a limb for it despite what other people think is the normally “accomplished” way of living life.

VitaBrevis‘ profile video, on Eric Arakawa, an independent surfboard designer, is a great example of what I just said.

via TransWorld Surf‘s Five Flick Friday

Shots of Color: Crayon sculptures and tie-dye art

via Colossal

Crayon Fire Sculptures - Herb Williams


They almost look like they were created digitally.  A project meant to mimic and commemorate the recent  Texas wildfires, then melt into a gooey mess.

This led to a link to crayon and pencil sculptures…


Crayon Sculptures - Diem Chau


Which led to beautifuldecay.

Where I saw this exhibit by painter Dwayne Coleman. ¬†Old-school surfer-hippie jargon on tie-dye! Rad….

by Dwayne Coleman

by Dwayne Coleman

"The Wonders of the Solar System Collide and Kill Us All" - Dwayne Coleman


Also, where I saw this delicately grime-y (like a beautiful bruise) idea for a fountain, from Helmut Smits.

Street Fountain - by Helmut Smits

Visuals: Blogs I want to bookmark

Part three of my “Open Tabs” entries.

I have all of these tabs open just because there’s this really beautiful image on each webpage that I want to remember. ¬†(Yes, I know, they make platforms like Pinterest for moments like that).

I now have to be practical and start closing them one by one and corralling them here. ¬†I have read somewhere (I’ll try to find it), that this is an age of curation, and here I shall continue doing just that.

1.  Jaw-droppingly beautiful papercut portraits by Kris Trappeniers


by Kris Trappeniers

2. ¬†“We Are All Part of The Same Thing” by Dominique Falla


3. Designworklife

4. YearsLater

via i3lab: full moon odyssey floor-mattress & pillow

5. ¬†Meva “Recycled Shadow” Installation via

6.  Anatomy of a Cupcake by Allen Hemberger and Sarah Wilson

7. Infinity from Colossal

8.  Cool loft ideas from Tumblr

9.  Be Your Own Souvenir campaign by blablabLab


10. Jason Lee‘s creative pictures of his kids


Apparently, I missed some more open tabs.

11.  Rainbow cloud over Ethiopa, by Esther Havens via

by Esther Havens