Vintage all around: Magazines, Movie Posters and Playboy’s “Language of Legs”

I like websites that just list really good content for that day, every day.

Like this link that I’ve been keeping open.

And Cool Material’s Sunday Hangover.

Which leads me to goodies such as:

19 First Covers of American Magazines

People Magazine – March 4, 1974


Playboy’s The Language of Legs, from The Selvedge Yard.


All of Saul Bass’s Movie Posters, from











Seriously.  It isn’t purely out of nostalgia.  Graphic design looked pretty good back then.




Lazy Post!: 8 Photos from Buzzfeed’s 90 Interesting Tumblr Blogs circa 2011

Links embedded in images. via Buzzfeed

“Dads Are The Original Hipster”
Rare funny poster post from “Short Form Blog”
The Today Show Tumblr blog was featured on the list for using the platform in a smart, consistent way
“This Isn’t Happiness” Tumblr blog
The “Feminist Ryan Gosling” Tumblr blog
Jan Roberts - Vintage Gal Tumblr
From the “Vintage Gal” blog, by Cat
From “tastefully offensive”, and 9gag
Andrew Garfield’s early years! from “I Spy A Famous Face”