Lazy Post!: 8 Photos from Buzzfeed’s 90 Interesting Tumblr Blogs circa 2011

Links embedded in images. via Buzzfeed

“Dads Are The Original Hipster”
Rare funny poster post from “Short Form Blog”
The Today Show Tumblr blog was featured on the list for using the platform in a smart, consistent way
“This Isn’t Happiness” Tumblr blog
The “Feminist Ryan Gosling” Tumblr blog
Jan Roberts - Vintage Gal Tumblr
From the “Vintage Gal” blog, by Cat
From “tastefully offensive”, and 9gag
Andrew Garfield’s early years! from “I Spy A Famous Face”

Jaffa Cakes lickable wallpaper and 8 news and trend-hunt blogs that featured it








via Think.BigChief‘s facebook feed.

I like the different angles that the different sites used, in talking about this really odd (successfully viral) promotional idea from Jaffa Cakes – “Spot of Jaffa”.

Putting a lick-friendly surface in a public space.


Geekologie‘s emphasis on the weirdly unhygienic nature of the idea – Spreading Disease: Cookie-Flavored Lickable Wallpaper

Trendhunter‘s slightly nostalgic description, focusing on the Willy Wonka inspiration – Lusk Lick-able Murals

Fairly objective, “corporate goal” slant from Design TaxiWorld’s First ‘Lickable’ Elevator

Focus on consumer and media reaction, from The DrumMcVitie’s set toungues wagging with lickable lift

Casual take on how the office-workers in that building might feel from Foodbeast – The World’s First Lickable Elevator, Wallpaper That Tastes Like Cake

Pretty funny personal comments (on how all things are lickable anyway, and how she’d probably try it because she’s nasty 🙂 ) from Incredible Things contributor, Brittany High – World’s First Lick-able Wallpaper 

Straightforward article with how many Jaffa Cakes, building name and Jaffa’s creative spark from The SunOffice workers set to get a lift from Jaffa cake elevator

Also featured by agencycreative tumblr blog, with interesting stats on how long it took to create the wallpaper and the estimated number of employees: The lickable life

Around the web. In the office

I have to come up with better titles.

And now I kill office time.

1.  If only this were that easy. Link – “Stick to the important stuff”

2.  Swimming in a dumpster! seems like fun.

3.  I am inspired by this.  I do find a lot of things beautiful every day.  And this is a great way of remembering and sharing.

4.  Link 😀

5.  It’s like a monster eye-mouth 😦

via GraphJam


7.  Someday…I will get a sewing machine.  And do nice things like this.

8. For Tara. 😦



10.  For Paul.