Distractify: 3D Illusion Street Art in Germany

Distractify featured German artist 1010’s 3D illusion street graffiti.  Follow him on facebook here.

By 1010
By 1010
By 1010
By 1010
By 1010

Vintage all around: Magazines, Movie Posters and Playboy’s “Language of Legs”

I like websites that just list really good content for that day, every day.

Like this Sidebar.io link that I’ve been keeping open.

And Cool Material’s Sunday Hangover.

Which leads me to goodies such as:

19 First Covers of American Magazines

People Magazine – March 4, 1974


Playboy’s The Language of Legs, from The Selvedge Yard.


All of Saul Bass’s Movie Posters, from Film.com











Seriously.  It isn’t purely out of nostalgia.  Graphic design looked pretty good back then.



5 Things I Liked Today: Minimalist survival kit, iconic hair posters, “ad improvement” device and a generation gap infographic

1. Roozt‘s generation gap infographic via Trendhunter

I don’t know where they based their word clouds.  But this does seem interesting.

2.  Menos Uno Cero Uno‘s Just In Case compact survival kit via Trendhunter

Obviously it has to come with chocolate.

3.  Copyrighted Famous Hair by Patricia Povoa via Design Taxi and Bloody Loud

4. Subpixel, by F.A.T. via This Wolf

This smart set of “artist/hacker/activists” put together this “subway advertisement upgrade kit”, out of laser-cut acrylic and razor blades.

Maker-culture subversion at it’s finest.

By the way, great Co. Design feature on this batch of maker-culture movies cropping up.

My eyes figuratively bleed sometimes, at how just..good-looking the Co. Design site is.

5.  Creative Roots.  I love the idea of a global design site, showcasing cultural nuances.

Like this Global Street Food  installation and this Japanese branding feature. via Go Media

Global Street Food by Mike Meire
Micchan restaurant identity by IC4Design
London East Street restaurant by “i-am” Associates

5 Things I found nice today: the quietest place on earth, homemade butter, anime, prints and Harvard cooking lectures

1.  Cool..

It’s so quiet that after 45 minutes, some people have had hallucinations.

Welcome to the quietest place on earth.

Anechoic Test Chamber - Orfield Laboratories

2. The Little Friends of Printmaking

via Think.BigChief

3.  Q&A with Alana Chernila, author of The Homemade Pantry

Butter is a great one start with. It always works, it’s quick, and it’s totally magical.”

Yay 🙂

4.  Cooking and Science – brought to you by Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. via Open Culture

5.  5 Centimeters Per Second

Clever: Bucket list in graffiti, tongue-in-cheek timekeepers, glow-in-the-dark social commentary and various graphics

After things that just make your eyes glaze over through sheer visual awe, now we have things that are cool because they say something about something.

1.  Before I Die by Candy Chang via studentdesignblog

by Candy Chang

2.  Mr. Jones’s “The Accurate” and “The Average Day” watches

Featured in Selectism.

The Accurate
The Average Day

3.  Jason Dean’s Day and Night poster

from This Is Colossal

Day and Night by Jason Dean

4.  Honest shirt.  That is one of the truer measures of love. I think.

By Paperwhite Studio via This is Colossal

5.  People Make Parks via publicinterestdesign

6.  Sophie Blackall’s Missed Connections illustrations via

7.  Cardon Copy via

8.  Bad at Math via

And a related article!

9.  Word Clocks by Doug Jackson

10.  The Computer Dilemma by John Dvorak