Washington Post: Afghan sprinter Tahmina Kohistani’s 2012 Olympic Journey

Good piece on how meaningful and symbolic Tahmina Kohistani’s Olympic stint was for Afghanistan, and Muslim women:

“So she ran. And ran. Because no one could make her believe churning her legs as fast as she could possibly make them go was against Allah and the Muslim faith, which she remains so devoted to she refused to compete without the hijab, especially during the holy season of Ramadan.

‘There are a lot of bad comments about me in my country and there’s lots of people not ready to support me. But I think I will make the nation of Afghanistan proud of me and they are going to never forget me. I just opened a new window, a new door, for the next generation of my country.'”

Yay for Empowering Holidays in June! Official days for “Making” and “Women in Engineering”

They might be fueled by propaganda or PR, but I love the thought of these two new holidays.

Barack Obama just declared June 18 as the United States’ National Day of Making.

Presidential Proclamation    National Day of Making  2014   The White House



The Guardian featured the twitter accounts of six engineers with brains and a sense of humor for the United Kingdom’s National Women in Engineering Day.

National Women in Engineering Day  six Twitter accounts to follow   Women in Leadership   Guardian Professional