Inspiration: Craft out of Hometown love

I like this trend in creating and selling art out of place names and maps.

It reminds me of loyalty, and hometown comfort and pride. But in a simple, cute package.

All featured in The Bold Italic shop.

t Necklace - By Honey & Bloom
West Coast Necklace – By Honey & Bloom
San Francisco Map Scarf - by Jennifer Maravillas
San Francisco Map Scarf – by Jennifer Maravillas
Topography Letterpress Print - by  Western Editions and Melissa Small
Topography Letterpress Print – by Western Editions and Melissa Small

Not about space. But about color 🙂 Which, I love too.

Color Wheel Pendant - by Yellow Owl Workshop
Color Wheel Pendant – by Yellow Owl Workshop

And, another extra: CinqPoints’ designer  minimalist architectural toys.

home - by CInqPoints
home – by CinqPoints

Grab bag.

And back to being a mish-mash of links, for now.

1.  Intricate dollhouse interiors, by Georgia Smith.  Sadly, I couldn’t find the creator’s personal site.  The wallpaper and textile details are really fun.

Georgia Smith via frankie magazine

2. Also from the creamcolouredponies blog.  I love the muggy-but-fresh-smelling city atmosphere in this picture.

via creamcoloredponies.blogspot

3.  Just a link to a blog I will track for future updates.

4.  Cool, to a point.  I love the cheeky branding.  (I also apparently really like the word “cheeky”.)


5.  Sandwich ingredients, warm light, a checkered shirt and meat slicers.  I love the components of this picture.  Youngna Park, you captured what seemed like a random moment, and showed how beautiful it actually was.

Photo by Youngna Park












6.  I know someone who would like this.  I intend to see what else Rob Morris comes up with, or I’ll dig into his blog more and see what other fun stuff I find.via

“Actually, I should clarify this — most ideas are worthless to you, and on their own.” – Rob Morris, HiiDef Inc. via digitalmash and impressonme

8.  The power of the Internet.  I will blog more extensively about this someday.  But I love how the already democratic and involving threadless concept is even breeding more participatory partnerships like this…

9.  Just a nice and cheesy place to visit.

10.  I find it amazing that color striations can already imply so much.

Dan Kenneally "Lunchbox" via nylonblog

Rainbows, fried bread tower, springy cheese, recipe, board

Around the web.

1. Carl Kleiner via

Carl Kleiner via DesignSponge


2. Churroquembouche

Churroquembouche - from Matt Bites


3. Mozarella braid. Mmmm.

Mozarella Braid - Penny de los Santos


4.  Uh-oh. This is becoming a food porn blog.

Dungeness Crab Lemon Pasta via SavorySweetLife


5. Inspiration board via

Hannah Mendenhall on immerwachsen.blogspot