Born Social: Lessons from Social Media Week 2014

BornSocial shared their favorite points from Social Media Week, my interpretation:

1. Video is important.

2.  People keep buzzing about the impact of new technology, but of course no one can articulate what it would be.

3.  Africa seems to be the next high-potential market for mobile: high economic and cultural diversity (5 regions, wide rich-poor gap, relatively young, tends to have mobile as only screen, long commutes and aspirational)

I can relate to it because it sounds like the Philippines.

4.  The growth of “private” platforms

5.  Brands becoming less reactive – therefore, it’s also getting tougher to rise above the noise.

6.    There still isn’t an industry measure for social ROI.

7.  The industry if fixated with big-brand, big-budget case studies.

8. Social is about understanding people.

9.  Digital media are going through the lessons of traditional media (headline writing, visual aids), just faster.

10.  Social isn’t just about “presence”, but constantly creating and trying to be a step ahead.


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