Mashable: Facebook and Apple Reward Employees for Freezing Their Ovary Eggs

Mashable talks about how Apple followed Facebook’s lead in covering up to $20,000 worth of health benefits, should a female employee choose to go through the egg-freezing procedure.

This news is inherently…intriguing.


a) sounds funny when you hear it,

b) is ultimately useful and practical,

c) is played up by the media as positive, but

d) makes you think about the cultural and biological realities of how women need to undergo procedures just to “have it all”.

i.e. the personal goals and ambition that this generation of women have go against the body’s natural fertility.

It’s a “good thing”, that’s a solution to a tough choice.  Money & personal passion VS Growing your own family.

A question this also brings up is: even if you could freeze your eggs, would you and your husband want to have a 20 year-old eldest child at 55?  Implying that if you had a second child at 38, you would then have a generation of 58 year-olds putting kids through college.

Apple and Facebook are adding a new perk for female employees: Free egg freezing that would let them delay parenting for a few years.

Facebook started offering the service on Jan. 1. Apple plans to begin in January 2015, according to NBC News

Like IVF, egg freezing is typically not covered by an employer’s health insurance. Egg freezing currently costs about $10,000 plus up to $1,000 a year for maintenance. (Facebook and Apple are both covering costs of egg freezing up to $20,000.) McCarthy says the success rates from a frozen egg match those of a fresh egg.

In other words, if you freeze your eggs at age 27 and then wait until age 35 to try in vitro fertilization, the egg will behave like a 27-year-old’s.


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