Businessweek: Sarah Silverman Launches a Salary (Gender) Equality Campaign

Curious, but exciting choice for the voice of closing the gender gap regarding salary.

Who do you think set up the partnership — Sarah Silverman or Droga5?

Businessweek reports that the campaign is a partnership between the comedienne and the agency:

“Are you a woman? Congratulations: Sarah Silverman wants to give you $435,000. That’s roughly the amount of money you’re expected to lose, on average, over the course of your working career solely because you’re, as Silverman so gently puts it, “a vagina owner.” Silverman and New York advertising firm Droga5 have teamed up to close the estimated 78¢ gender pay gap (as determined by a 2013 U.S. Census Bureau study) by just writing checks to the 69 million working women to cover their loss. And she needs only $29,811,746,430,000 to do it.”


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