Thank you, Internet: An Agency Branded App, 10 Popular Algorithms and a Design Course That’s Helping the Philippines

These three articles mattered to me today.

1.  The 10 Algorithms that Dominate Our World

Would you have ever imagined the day where you would read an article like that?

Where you can list algorithms that pervade everyday life?  I’m so happy for mathematicians, data scientists and programmers all of a sudden.

This is a whole new level of relevance.  All the math geeks from elementary school can laugh in people’s faces.

Google PageRank; Facebook News feeds, “You may also enjoy…” – all math. Cool.

2.  How a Small Nashville Agency Used Creativity to Get Worldwide Recognition

I don’t fully forgive you for that clickbait-y article, Fast Company.


I just never thought an agency could make an app that would sell itself.

I guess I’m so used to agencies going the route of CSR or “meaning” to get noticed or to establish its branding.

But here is this very dev-oriented tactic that actually works.

It’s seemingly random and superficial, but slyly engaging.

As a lot of fun things are.


3.  This Online Class Helps Designers Solve Real-World Problems

Fast Company, just because I share your articles doesn’t mean I like the new way you’re titling content.

I’m just really happy that a lot of things I like/am amused by came together in one moment — Fast Company (my new Thought Catalog, according to someone who knows me very well); Design thinking (pooling people from many disciplines to solve relevant issues), aaaand proposing the top solutions to the Philippine government to help the schools destroyed by typhoon Haiyan.

😀 That’s exciting. I’m being honest and sarcastic at the same time.



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