Tae-yang’s Music Video launch and what it means for digital marketing

Or how Korean music moguls managed to distill American Pop’s secret sauce, then sold it to the world.

So many people who were born before 1985 wonder why K-Pop is a thing.

To illustrate why it’s a phenomenon, I want to ask you to watch two (2) videos launched this past month.

1) This was the first video launched for Tae-yang’s new single. After he hadn’t released songs for more than a year.

Note that this isn’t the music video yet.

2) This is its music video.

K-Pop industry articles mention that they shot the video first, and THEN showed it to the managers to see what they wanted to do with it.  This is the future of promotion.  Spontaneous, responsive, not old-school branding-heavy.  But still knows how to grab its audience by the ovaries.

It’s the Vevo version of Oreo’s “Dunk in the dark”.


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