Morning inspiration from Wiz Khalifa

“The bigger the bill, the harder you ball…

The quicker you’re here; the faster you go.

That’s why where I come from the only thing we know is…”

Work hard. Play hard.

Songs like this are why I will always have a soft spot for hip-hop (or rap, forgive me for not knowing the specifically appropriate genre).

It’s the only popular genre (now) that expresses what it feels like to be part of the working class.  That talks about work, the “hustle”, making money.

I also love singer-songwriters of the more “folksy” or ballad sort, but you just don’t see Sara Bareilles singing about how it feels to go to a job every day and make ends meet.

I’m not complaining either (even if it does make me hope for a day where I have the skills to write a song about going to work and office politics haha).  Because, I think there is something about the hip-hop sound that lends itself well to telling experiences of working class struggle.  The same way that singer-songwriter ballads tend to tell syrupy stories of love, longing, pain and loss.

In hip-hop, you have swagger, cities, social issues, money (along with drugs, alcohol and sex, I know).  Stories, voices, rhythms that can resonate with youth from developing nations and hard-up lives all around.


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