Haven’t had these visual collection posts in a while.  No wonder tabs are piling up again, haha.

1. Cake Furniture!

Sapore dei Mobili, by Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira via hovercraftdoggy

2.  Toaster Bags! by Boska via Co. Design

Smart! You get the grilled cheese, you get the grill marks, but you don’t get the hot dripping ooze and hard-to-clean crumbs everywhere.

Usable up to 50 times!

The amazing things…polytetrafluoroethylene can do.

3.  John & Sally Argyle Wedding Invitations via Designspiration

I love these.  Beautifully designed, clever and clean.

Just because it’s an age-old tradition-slash-sacrament doesn’t mean you can’t make the invite fresh.

4.  Delicacy via I-D

Just seemed like a movie I’d like to look for.  Read the review here.

5.  Exquisite Corpse, by IDEO Labs via Core77

6.  YourLogicalFallacyIs

Interesting site outlining various propaganda tools and techniques.


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