1. Roozt‘s generation gap infographic via Trendhunter

I don’t know where they based their word clouds.  But this does seem interesting.

2.  Menos Uno Cero Uno‘s Just In Case compact survival kit via Trendhunter

Obviously it has to come with chocolate.

3.  Copyrighted Famous Hair by Patricia Povoa via Design Taxi and Bloody Loud

4. Subpixel, by F.A.T. via This Wolf

This smart set of “artist/hacker/activists” put together this “subway advertisement upgrade kit”, out of laser-cut acrylic and razor blades.

Maker-culture subversion at it’s finest.

By the way, great Co. Design feature on this batch of maker-culture movies cropping up.

My eyes figuratively bleed sometimes, at how just..good-looking the Co. Design site is.

5.  Creative Roots.  I love the idea of a global design site, showcasing cultural nuances.

Like this Global Street Food  installation and this Japanese branding feature. via Go Media

Global Street Food by Mike Meire
Micchan restaurant identity by IC4Design
London East Street restaurant by “i-am” Associates


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