1.  Susan Kare’s Sketchbook

Susan Kare was an artist who was asked to design fonts for Macintosh, back in the day when there were no screen icon design apps.  The featured excerpts of the sketchbook where she drafted initial ideas for user interface icons are just an interesting glimpse into sometimes overlooked bits of web design as we use and look at them day in-day out.

2.  I love how someone thought of creating a “virtual palate cleanser”.

Sam Kronick’s Configuration Space via Creative Applications

3.  James Alliban and Keiichi Matsuda‘s Cell

Featured on Creative Applications, Cell is an interactive installation that, when you walk through it, lets social media tags “stick” to your body – symbolizing the second identities we create through our Internet profiles and activities.

4.  An animated look at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

5. Type Connection, a great bit of interaction design. via IwantTorideMYbicycle, the apricot-juice blog

A “dating game” style activity for type matching.

Really, brilliant. I would like to kowtow to Aura Seltzer  for organizing type-matching wisdom this way.

The copy is clever, the site is clean, and it’s really just educational. Woooow.

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