Why are you doing this to me, Pharrell?

You know that I think you’re one of the hottest men walking the earth these days?  Why do you throw us these weird things that make me question your taste level, prompting me to have to justify to myself that maybe, just maybe, the PR spin on this could work?

You’re talented, attractive, fashionable and you seem to be smart, but this product and its website makes Jay-Z look really really really good. (Note: I actually admire Jay-Z as it is for having managed his personal brand well; this just sort of made Pharrell pale in comparison.  You don’t see Jay-Z hawking… something like this…)

Really? “Qream With A Q”?

And a website that looks like this:

Maybe they’re trying to get the ponies-and-princesses set who are all grown up now or something.

via the hairpin


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