I wish I had more of a theme to these things.

1.  Today, I learned a new word: gamestorming, which is a concept Dave Grey and Sunni Brown pioneered (essentially game-type activities used for innovation).

I have a new blog to follow now.  Since it can help me a lot when I facilitate teams for ideating and insight-generation!

Sketch notes by Sunni Brown

2.  Grain Edit, a site about  the 50’s-70’s design aesthetic and the contemporary designers who get inspiration from it.

Excerpt from Anorak Magazine
Excerpt from Anorak Magazine
Illustration by Alain Gree

3.  The Trend Watch by FullSix, compilation of global trends, as recommended by My Life Scoop

Social Media Demographics by Online MBA

4. The Morning News and its This Week’s Headlines theme feature

I like how they look for themes in whatever’s popular for the past week, even if they could just be coincidences.  That’s how trendspotting begins anyway – pattern-finding.

In my eyes, the homepage content is quite a revolutionary way of presenting “news”.  Not that it’s flashy or jazzed-up or animated, but the way that the content is written (especially the headlines ticker) seems very…”social media”-oriented.

They aren’t direct in a traditional sense.  They’re paraphrased to elicit some feeling of suspense.  Given everything I’ve read about web writing and how it has to be meaningful, concise but not bland.  And it is all those things, but not in a CNN or BBC way.  Interesting.

5.  In Over Your Head

Particularly, The Complete Guide To Not Giving A Fuck.

“Fact Number 1.  People are watching you right now…

Fact Number 2. You don’t need everyone to like you…

Fact Number 3. It’s your people that matter…

Fact Number 4. Those who don’t give a fuck change the world.  The rest do not…”


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