Reblogging on WordPress: Not quite as comfortable as on Tumblr

Let me just say that that was quite awkward.

It was my first time to hit “Reblog” up on that WordPress universal navigation bar up there (for fellow WordPress subscribers).

It just feels…different.  My reference point being re-posting on tumblr, facebook and Pinterest.  It just isn’t the same.

After looking at the reblogged post, I had the urge to either a) apologize to the SoFiliumm authors or b) delete-the-post-slash-unreblog (if that was even a word).

In my opinion, as much as my account on tumblr and my account on facebook are every bit as personal and curated as my yellowicepick blog here on WordPress…something just felt wrong.

It’s not part of my personal mental model to see someone else’s content “word-for-word” in my blog feed.  Which is so ironic and hypocritical given that most of my posts are actually collections of other people’s works, with barely any introduction (but always, attribution).

So what is it?  Maybe I felt like it was an invasion of someone else’s blog – that I took something someone else lovingly wrote and seemed to pass it off as part of my own.

How is that different from when I post someone else’s artwork or design?  Isn’t it enough that WordPress blatantly put “Reblogged from…”?

Hmm.  Is it because, unlike facebook and Pinterest, WordPress is not a social sharing platform?  It’s a network, yes.  But when you post, it isn’t as if you’re posting to your friends and loved ones to popularize something.  In a way, WordPress is a museum, a soapbox, not your living room.

So, SoFiliumm authors, I’m sorry about reblogging.  I didn’t delete it as a lesson to me, and partly, as a bit of a socio-cultural experiment.  But if you’re uncomfortable as well, I could take it down.

Reblogging on WordPress.  Didn’t think it would be that weird.


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