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I think it was brave of the owners and designers to go off-tangent – be in the opposite direction of typical ice cream parlor and gelato store designs that are usually crafty, old-world, luxuriously decadent and traditionally warm.


Ice cream parlour Polka Gelato is located in an old historic building in Fitzroy Square in London. Designed by London based design studio Vonsung the interiors are somewhat surprising when entering the gelato shop.

With raw concrete and rough limestone being the primary materials and all graphics and furniture being in monochrome colours, the actual gelato is the only colourful thing in the shop.

Vonsung has designed all branding including naming, identity, signage, website and spatial design.

The designers explain, “An early decision was to place the Polka’s colourful, beautifully crafted gelatos as the central focal point and make the surrounding interior resemble the sculpted nature of the hand-made gelato.”

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