Surf trail: UX quotes and the McFlurry Spoon

I was made to create a presentation that would evangelize how my job’s supposed to help the company, and this is a grab bag of the little quotes and tidbits I picked up along the way.

1.  A design blog article, by Bob Lane (a product engineer) that discussed how the Mcflurry spoon is one smart piece of design.

2.  Finally, I got to see the article where Steve Jobs famously declares they don’t do market research, from Fortune Magazine:

“We do no market research. We don’t hire consultants. The only consultants I’ve ever hired in my 10 years is one firm to analyze Gateway’s retail strategy so I would not make some of the same mistakes they made [when launching Apple’s retail stores]. But we never hire consultants, per se. We just want to make great products.

“When we created the iTunes Music Store, we did that because we thought it would be great to be able to buy music electronically, not because we had plans to redefine the music industry. I mean, it just seemed like writing on the wall, that eventually all music would be distributed electronically. That seemed obvious because why have the cost? The music industry has huge returns. Why have all this [overhead] when you can just send electrons around easily?” – Steve Jobs, as quoted in Pragmatic Marketing and Joshua Porter’s Bokardo

3.  IDEO’s Tom Kelley on Doing What You Love

4.  Metropolis Magazine’s What Is Good Design? series

5.  I also tried to look for nice quotes about User Experience design, and since I kept the tabs open for so long, I’ll just collect them here.

People should never feel like a failure when using technology. Like the customer, the user is always right. If software crashes, it is the software designer’s fault. if someone can’t find something on a web site, it is the web designer’s fault… The big difference between good and bad designers is how they handle people struggling with their design. Technology serves humans. Humans do not serve technology. – Joshua Porter

What makes people passionate, pure and simple, is great experiences. If they have great experience with your product [and] they have great experiences with your service, they’re going to be passionate about your brand, they’re going to be committed to it. That’s how you build that kind of commitment. – Jesse James Garrett

We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are. – The Talmud

Your customers are not you. They don’t look like you, they don’t think like you, they don’t do the things that you do, they don’t have your expectations or assumptions. If they did, they wouldn’t be your customers; they’d be your competitors. – Mike Kuniavsky, user experience guru

The essential division in the (computer) industry between hardware and software represents the organization of computing from the system designer’s viewpoint, not the user’s. In successful mature technologies it’s not possible to isolate the form and function. The logical design and the mechanical design of a pen or a piano bind their mechanism with their user interface so closely that it’s possible to use them without thinking of them as technology, or even thinking of them at all. Invisibility is the missing goal in computing. – Neil Gershenfeld, technologist, physicist, author

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

“Simple is hard. Easy is harder. Invisible is hardest.” – Jean-Louis Gassée

“Design needs to be plugged into human behaviour. Design dissolves in behaviour.” – Naoto Fukasawa

“The only intuitive interface is the nipple. After that it’s all learned.” – Bruce Ediger

“When we have clients who are thinking about Flash splash pages, we tell them to go to their local supermarket and bring a mime with them. Have the mime stand in front of the supermarket, and, as each customer tries to enter, do a little show that lasts two minutes, welcoming them to the supermarket and trying to explain the bread is on aisle six and milk is on sale today. Then stand back and count how many people watch the mime, how many people get past the mime as quickly as possible, and how many people punch the mime out. That should give you a good idea as to how well their splash page will be received.” – Jared Spool

“A lot of what we are doing is getting design out of the way.” – Jonathan Ive

“Don’t make something unless it’s both necessary and useful. But if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.” – Josh Porter

Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations. – Paul Rand

When we are designing a product, we look at the various attributes of a product. Some of those attributes are the materials it is made from and the form that is connected to that material. Other issues is physically how do you connect to the product. For example in iPhone, everything defers to the display. – Jonathan Ive


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