Lo and behold, Fast Co. got a nice new facelift and punched up their digital brand extensions!

*Forgive me, I first started writing this post on February 01, 2012, but I didn’t get around to posting until now.  So this is severely outdated.

I haven’t even checked out the Fast Company site in quite a while; but the article link from my Facebook feed seemed interesting.

To my surprise, this page opened in my browser:

I can’t even fully remember what it looked like before, which slightly frustrates me since it would have been great to compare them side by side.  But, even without an actual copy of the old design, this current one just seemed much cleaner, and immersive.

The page also contained a link to the strategy behind the redesign.

My liking for the comments section was sparked by that redesign article.  I liked how they were thoughtful about users’ feeling that they were part of the content – using sophisticated type and a sizable font to showcase the comments.  Smart smart smart.  Made me want to see my name in each comment stream.

Kudos to the team, I love how it does feel more like a magazine adapted to the digital age.  There’s a splashy cover photo, clean, smart fonts, and I like the subdued pinstripe  underneath the sidebar.

I aso like the execution of the “social layer” – with the links being “called up” only when you hover over the smartly designed Share, Like and Tweet counters, and the fixed header once you scroll past the first fold!


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