It was a good browsing day.  Just one great find after another.

1.  First up were Smashing Magazine’s helpful features.

I loved their global web design articles.  The cultural patterns and design lessons from the different countries gave a certain “flavor” of insight that you can’t see just looking at a hodge-podge of primarily Western/American or anonymous samples, which is the more usual case. Netherlands Web Design Showcase
Design Week Monterrey 2009: Mexico Web Design Showcase

The one I read most thoroughly, though, was the article on Designing for Long-Form Reading Experiences, since this is most relevant to my current work projects.

Its section on typography and white space featured the Boston Globe redesign — particularly a FontsInUse interview feature with the Boston Globe design team, regarding type choice.

And what a beautiful article it was.  I love discussions on type and design rationale.  You can see how the creators lovingly thought of specific elements before you actually see the sites come to life.   

2.  That article allowed me to see Fonts In Use.

I love this site.  Just last week I was saying in my head that I wanted a site that talked about font personality, that you could browse in terms of how the fonts were used for different things.  And, lo and behold….


Just clear, clear feature stories on how type was used in a range of industries and product formats. Yayyyyyy!

Their Web/Tablet format features led me to…

3.  Readmill

A handsome reading app, which emphasizes social elements, like shared favorite excerpts and knowing what books are being read by people you follow.  A better-looking GoodReads, if you will.

I love the look and font usage in their spare welcome and registration pages.

4.  Fonts In Use also featured the typography in The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s “ipad newspaper” venture.

This led me to their blog, which I actually find more interesting than the app itself (since, I am not an iPad owner anyway).

Carpoolers by Alejandro Cartagena (via The Daily blog)

5.  The Deck.  Which, for reasons beyond me, I can’t seem to find the source article that mentioned it even in my browser history.  I’m pretty sure I saw an article referring to how companies took great care to make beautiful magazine ads that you don’t have the urge to tear out, especially since it costs much money; but that on the web, they seem to forget the value of aesthetics and opt for garish, animated things to draw “eyeballs”.  I believe the article then mentioned this particular online ad agency that made tasteful, simple ads, which only took in clients for products or services they actually used, tried or believe in.  That takes balls.

The Deck ad for digital toy brand
The Deck ad for Field Notes Colors collection

6.  Design + Strategy’s 10 Laws to Design By article.  Also found through Smashing Magazine links.

I just find the lessons really helpful, also leading me to their other Design logic articles.

Image from the Gutenberg Diagram article

7.  Browsing through Design+Strategy brought e to Stylized Web.  I liked their piece on layout in Web Design.  For an interaction design beginner like me, the step-by-step type discussion helped me see the layout process more clearly.

8.  A classic – Nicholas Felton’s blog.  Data-fiend extraordinaire.

Excerpt from 2010 Feltron Annual Report

9. – indeed, an awesome example of fun and storytelling getting incorporated into a topic you couldn’t possibly imagine as “light-hearted”

via Smashing Magazine

10. Net Magazine’s 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Designers. via Jason Santa Maria


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