Work inspiration and wireframe best practices: These are what I aspire to experience

What a formal title.

1.  Great, great idea.

Web Without Words. Inspired me to start my own exercise. Baby steps in the direction I want.

I can’t pinpoint why, but I think his site design is witty.  More than “mysterious”, I associate the design more with having a cheeky sense of humor. (yay! It’s been a while since I got to use the word, cheeky 🙂 )

Web Without Words by Paul Armstrong

Similar, but less entertaining: Wireframe Showcase, courtesy of Balsamiq.

These were all from this SixRevisions feature, which is, so far, the most comprehensive wireframe guide I’ve seen.  Leading me to these great articles:

Cool - "Concretizing" popularity through site stats.

FuzzyMath’s How to read a wireframe and How to evaluate a wireframe

Jason Santa Maria‘s Grey Box Methodology

Various real-life interaction design document samples from Wireframes.Linowski

Extensive discussion of grid fundamentals by Design Festival

Great and helpful portfolio by Wiseacre Digital

Think Vitamin’s 20 Steps to Better Wireframing

The website

Henk Wihnhold’s blog on productivity and UX


2. Grindhouse.

They also have a helpful blog, which led me to these articles:

pay attention to how you feel before, during, and after an activity, he recommends. If you feel drawn to the activity and are looking forward to it before you start; if you are interested, in the zone, and focused during the activity and if you are satisfied with the process after it’s over, chances are it’s a ‘strength’…” – Marcus Buckingham through designtaxi

“To this end, my strategic plan features all kinds of useful lists: work that’s in process, work I’d like to do in the near future, people I’d like to work with, kinds of work I realize I hate, kinds of work that really lights me up, skills I’d love to learn. Some of this may seem intuitive, but I’ve found that it can be hard to keep track of in a busy life” – Courtney Martin through Good


3. Lastly, Smashing Magazine’s feature on web design inspiration drawn from earlier masters.

Basquiat's Beat Bop
Starbucks Coffee at Home




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