5 links for the day: Starbucks Omotesando; the concept behind Hypebeast, links to other culture curation ‘zines

My tabs do not run out 😦

The Internet is an infinite cornucopia. I don’t think that makes sense since “cornucopia” connotes an abundant, but finitely visible set. Oh well.

Also, I think some of the sites featured may be insulted by my calling them ‘zines.  I apologize; I couldn’t think of a more accurate term.

1.  Cool architecture in the Kengo Kuma and Associates portfolio.  They’re the group who created the design for Starbucks Omotesando. via Designspiration

2. Fast Company’s feature on Hypebeast founder, Kevin Ma.

I like Hypebeast; it knows it’s target market and supplies fresh, slick product features that cater right to it.

Moleskine Messages Collection
Rubin Clear Jar - Bedwin & The Heartbreakers

Yeah, it’s basically inspired by a Mason jar, but it has striations that denote Latte, Cappucino, etc. contents.  See, very aligned to its target market – the coffee-shop-bespoke-DIY-ish-manly-“knowledgeable” set.

3.  CitID, a project that asks creative people from all over the globe to send a logo or visualization that represents their city.

The site asks you to “honour your city”, which, for me, is a winning and emphatic tagline.  It makes me wish I was a graphic designer (as if I didn’t already).

It’s a beautiful project, and I wish I could read more about the people behind it.

Lisbon - by Andre Beato

4.  It’s Nice That.  It’s the name that I like, really.

It’s another one of those cultural curation sites.  Interesting stuff, although might be a bit too high-brow-artsy for my personal taste and subscription.

Gravitation - by Katrin Korfmann

5.  Huh Magazine.

Which I found through Hypebeast.

I liked this featured image – Banksy talking about advertising.


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