Grab bag: Quirky Japanese products, media and art

Visual calendar, printed on female body parts (Believe me, it’s more tasteful than it sounds). Pointillism in graffiti. Beautiful stop-motion firefly photography. DIY Hello Kitty sandwiches.  Manga (Japanese comics) on telecommunication brand drama. Excerpts from manga I like (Solanin and Nineteen Twenty-One), as I try to clean up my tabs.

1.  Nyotai-Goyomi posted by AsiaJin

via TokyoMango

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Ten-ten by Miharu Matsunaga



From the Digital Photo Blog


6. via kawaiikakkoisugoi

Produced by Sanrio Japan

7.  “Sweet Android High” or “Android Flower School” – Telecommunication device giants’ drama turned manga. Quirky idea from Noriaki Kayama.

Sony Eri-chan; Laura Moto-chan; Chan H, T-Sea; Sam Chan Sung; El G Chan;


Sweet Android High students

8.  Solanin

Coming-of-age/Quarterlife slice-of-life I discovered through a museum tribute to the manga tradition.

Nineteen Twenty-One


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