1. The Verge  2. hardgraft  3.  Remedy Quarterly’s remedy page  4. Nike’s delineation of its consumer and business sites  5. Foodspotting  6. FontShop’s Education page  7.  An extra item for digital marketing strategy: Thought Catalog’s smart ad opportunity (Levi’s).

And, in an upcoming post, the redesign of Fast Company’s family of sites.

1.  Oh, Verge. You make my heart swoon.  With your overall clean-ness, the mannish triangle that appears on the topmost righthand corner once you start scrolling down, the way that the drop-down menu contents change as you scroll through the product/sub-heading names, the shape of the Next and Previous arrows.

And, most of all, the execution of the floating and clickable category header lightbox which follows the reader through the article.

I actually enjoy your inner pages, much more than your homepage, though.  Your front door, though still snazzy, seems a bit..crazy or hectic once you starting moving down.

2.  I love this site.  Clean, but warm.  Populated solely by necessary content that’s well-organized. Ugh, hard graft, smart.

hard graft Homepage

hard graft

The rest after the jump.

3.  Also, clean and warm – Remedy Quarterly.  The Remedies landing page.

4.  I love how Nike cleanly creates a distinction between their consumer and corporate sites, but effectively links the two.

Plus the corporate site is ugh. Just well-made. Pretty.  It has good content strategy, playing up the brand’s strengths (heritage and philosophy). Bleargh. Inaudible Grunt. Awe making me inarticulate.

5.  Foodspotting.  “The best food and where to find them.”

Straightforward and useful.  Good strategy.  Great visualization.  Since it is a “finder” web app – might as well use a map for easier navigation.  Entries searchable by area, food type, place or uploader.  Below the fold, guides, dishes and “spotters”.  Just clean, well-thought out info navigation (even if the badges are a bit visually annoying – that’s already pretty forgivable given the content-heaviness of the site).

6.  FontShop is…well, just a great site to dive into.  And it gives away highly educational content on typography for free.  Thank you very very much FontShop!  Aside from that, the e-books and the navigation features for selecting and previewing them are so elegant. *sigh*

Although I may be biased by their rather blatant use of my favorite color.

Quiet, but palpable "Show Preview" upon cursor hover
Un-intrusive "Hide Preview"

7.  This is the least annoying brand intrusion I’ve ever encountered on a website.  I did not feel bothered at all – but that’s both due to the content (quality and interesting-ness of the Levi’s lookbook), execution and relative fit to the audience of the site.


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