Grab bag: Design and architecture

Still cleaning up open tabs.  This will end someday and I will get around to actual writing. Soon, soon.

Accurate fake sunlight.  Beautifully practical Japanese objects. Friends of Type. Mon Zamora photos. A graffiti motion capture program. Andy Baio essay-article on the limits of intellectual property in design.  Design documentaries. Business card design. Brand memory game. Old-school medicine labels. Papercraft infgraphics.

1.  Daniel Rybakken‘s smart optical trickery – “subconscious effect of daylight”.  Replicating the appearance of sunlight in a windowless room using 6000 LED bulbs. Cool. via Couleurblind

Rybakken's "subconscious effect of daylight"

2.  I like how this book celebrates the Japanese regard for the beauty and aesthetic of everyday objects. Yay for the Japanese Ministry of Economy! via

365 Days Charming Everyday Things


3.  Beautiful pictures by Mon Zamora. via bumbumbum.

by Mon Zamora

4.  Discovering Friends of Type from popandshorty, a fun blog collating work by four type designers/graphic artists.

"Always Play Amongst Friends" - Friends of Type


"Grouchy Pants" - Erik Marinovich

5.  Wow, contest entry for recording graffiti motion data.  I wish there were images of the 3d print output that the tags can turn into. via

Joshua Noble's µtagger Alpha

6.  Andy Baio‘s discussion on intellectual property and the limits of “inspiration” versus plagiarism.

From John Taylor's "Film The Blanks"

7.  From brainpickings, a PBS Art micro-documentary on product design.

8.  And, from Erica Gorochow, “The Fundamental Elements of Design“:


Vintage Medicine Bottle Labels from Etsy


"Burn The Book" UK - Lisa Herse

11.  via elmanco

Ogami Collection by Repap

12. Branding memory game.

Brand Memory by BIS Publishers

13.  Papercraft infographics by Tien Min-Lao.  As seen on fortport.

Ilha Formosa excerpt - by Tien-Min Liao

14.  Beautiful portfolio-client work archive by Research & Development, in Stockholm.

15.  I am not sure why I kept this tab open.  I don’t know whether it’s because of the poster concept (less probable), or the competition idea (slightly higher chance).  Either way, I’m bookmarking it here.


2 thoughts on “Grab bag: Design and architecture

  1. Burn The Book identity was designed by the designers who work at Burn The Book. Lisa Herse just blogged about it. Cheers.

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