TV + Laptop-or-Tablet-or-Desktop: The new Saturday morning media consumption habit

Welcome to the transitional present-future of “mass” media consumption.

This morning, I watched Two Greedy Italians on TV, sitting on the couch, with my parents.

Lazy Saturday morning, with my brother on the desktop computer beside the TV screen, glancing from time-to-time when something interesting catches his ear.

The episode featured pasta and how it was part of an Italian tradition called “cucina povera” – folk cuisine that evolved out of tough times.

The concept interested me so much, that while watching the first 10 minutes of the show, I turned to my laptop, also in front of me, and typed “cucina povera” in the Google Search bar, and proceeded to skim through 5 pages worth of search results, looking for site descriptions that seemed to come from food blogs or contributor-driven foodie sites.

Leading me to:

Spectator Scoff’s article on cucina povera, with my favorite article introduction so far – “If you are reading this article, the likelihood is that you are university-educated, your parents owned the home you grew-up in, and you’ve travelled extensively. Food enthusiasts fall into a cohort of the population that is, undoubtedly, the antithesis of the Chav, and his successful cousin Mondeo Man.”

  TheKitchn’s article on the same topic.

The TheKitchn’s article then led me to these:

12 Recipes To Know By Heart
"The Best Pancakes Ever" recipe
"How To Make No-Knead Bread" recipe

Wanting to react to and bookmark all that content then leads me to…

WordPress.  🙂

My version of the “social” stage – like reacting out loud to my companions in the room, tweeting or updating your facebook status.

Welcome to the “future”. Mass broadcast and reception + simultaneous deepening and broadening interactivity sparked by the content + instant social engagement.


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