All hail BrainPickings!

This is just an homage (really, just a euphemism for yet another grab bag) to the site which wins the award for Highest Number of Open Tabs in my Browser Windows.

I love how brainpickings doesn’t fail to post something I want to read, on a daily basis.

Thank you, Maria Popova (There is so much to be grateful for in the world.  And I know I do seem to thank at least one person every post.  That’s because I owe a lot to the Internet and the people who love to share information.  And human skill, creativity, failure and weirdness and the great Force that makes it all so.  Yes, that was a very wordy and, I guess, self-conscious disclaimer about my propensity for thanking people to whom I am not connected at all.)…
For introducing me to The Book Cover Archive.  Just.  Wow.

I also love your post which mentioned the post that contained the link to The Book Cover Archive.  I am going to try to get my hands on at least one of the books you mentioned.  Although probably not Graphis diagrams, which only has one copy on Amazon – and for 253 US dollars.


1. Amazing collection of data visualization all over the world: Visual Storytelling by Gestalten

“The Movies Flowcharts” by Gregory Ferembach
Greenpeace “Oceans” campaign excerpt

2. Hello, I Like You, a short film by the Mixtape Club.

On finding happiness in the details.

3.  A review and gallery for Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns for The Information Age

Data visualization – much-hyped, but truly amazing when done skillfully.

Chromosomal relationships in a genome by Martin Krzywinski

4.  Video documentary on Doyald Young, self-made typography icon

5.  James W. Pennebaker’s linguistic pattern analysis in The Secret Life of Pronouns

Hahaha. Now we know:

“One of the most interesting results was part of a study my students and I conducted dealing with status in email correspondence. Basically, we discovered that in any interaction, the person with the higher status uses I-words less (yes, less) than people who are low in status.” ~ James Pennebaker

6. And, another feature showcasing flowcharts haha: 344 Questions by Stefan G. Bucher

7.  Carl Sagan tribute by Penny Lane: The Voyagers

a Valentine dedicated to the tiny chance that in some distant time and place we might make contact,

8.  “Wholeheartedness”: The capacity to engage in our lives with authenticity, cultivate courage and compassion, and embrace” by Brené Brown at TEDxHouston 2010

9.  Beautiful.  Vintage Science ads from the ’50s and ’60s. More on flickr.


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