Scholarly vs. Street: Foodie Blogs with Contrasting “Flavor”

This week, I saw two sets of blogs by food enthusiasts.

One is a tumblr blog by King Adz; the other is Edible Geography.


King Adz is a man who wrote a street culture-cookbook for publisher Thames & Hudson.  It’s called The Urban Cookbook, and the description (“A cookbook with a difference – street art, street culture, street style”) made me really want to see how the book would be styled, and what the recipes would be like.

Unfortunately, I can’t find page samples that show the recipe pages.  To satisfy my curiosity somewhat, I went to his site instead, which supposedly would offer recipes and PDF samples from the book.

I was surprised to find that his tumblr site’s feel is really different from the noisy, graffiti-fied, hyped The Urban Cookbook cover and pages.  Less self-conscious.  More pure.

And with pictures of great sneakers (used in real life).

Israeli Soldier in Jerusalem by King Adz
Food Stories - Egg Biryani, Tamil Nadu by King Adz


Food Shot Stories #1 by King Adz


Dedo de Pollo by King Adz


Then we have Edible Geography, a food blog so…smart and sophisticated I couldn’t wrap my head around it or read an article in full.  I am not the target audience of this blog.  I like how it looks; I love the name; I like the concept – it’s an intellectual discussion on the roots of food, the intricacies of flavor (wine and water tasting, etc.) and creative explorations of food.  But it is too heavy for apparently layman and more pedestrian me.

I loved this article it had, featuring a special meal where vegetarians and omnivores were served dishes that looked like each other.  Very beautiful and interesting.

Apricot Puree in Coconut Soup and Salmon Roe in Vichyssoise


Uni, Lobster, Corn and Licorice and Blueberry, Frikeh, Woodruff and Birch

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