Technology + Art = Brain Explosion

The Internet holds so much beauty.

It just rocks like that.

More links and images that have been taking up my browser because they’re so nice I don’t want to close them.

1.  “Soak, Dye in Light” by everyware.  As featured in

Visually stunning.  Aside from plain brilliant.

Color amazes me.  Color in motion is a plus.  Moving, fluid color appearing on a blank canvas, responding to your touch blows my mind.  And, it’s a tactile, tangible thing-in-the-world.

This whole post is probably about my amazement at the things the world is capable of these days.


Represents branding that I particularly love.  I love the type used on the labels, the aesthetic of the website.  The straightforwardness of the objects and photography.  The warm way they used black and white in the pictures.  Ugh. Great.

It’s brusque, handsome.  Deceptively (and partly sincerely) handmade.

3.  Navid Baraty‘s Intersection, featured in Mashkulture

4.  Graphic Exchange

Another site that’s a visual stimulation swimming pool.

There are a lot out there, I know, and this one I even saw via Designspiration via Ffffound!

Both already popular image curation sites.

I like Graphic-Exchange because it’s actually a personal blog/site.  It features grahic designer Fabien’s personal work, alongside work that he likes from across the web.

I just really enjoy the visual impression of the site.  It successfully feels like a cohesively designed “place”.  The delicate fonts used in the headings and navigation bar.  The muted spectrum of “buttons” for the categories, echoed by catalog numbers.  The subtle highlight for the Personal Work page, and the efficiency of saying “What I do in 1 link”.

Sufficiently soft, while the content itself remains masculinely smart.

5. Denis Smith‘s “ball of light” work

Saw this on brainpickings (grand portal of awesome things).

What humans can do with time, patience and creativity.


Math and programming coming together to make really beautiful things.  People should just go to the site to see.

7.  CargoCollective! Which I came across through Jonas Eriksson’s personal site.


Though having to scroll down to see content at each section is a really tiny bit annoying. Maybe, I’m getting old.

8.  This is a far cry, visually.  But I’m including this because of the consistency of its branding.


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