Gasp-worthy. Flexible Smartphone by Samsung.

A couple of months ago, I learned of and talked about how awed I was by Rimino.  Rimino is a concept phone research and ideation project by Swedish interaction designer Amid Moradganjeh.

Read and go through the site to see for yourself.  It’s a rich idea, and the video communicates it best.  They dreamed up a phone with an almost artisanal user experience.  It was tactile, pliable, intuitive and could even stand up on its own when slightly bent, to be an alarm clock or music player.

I thought it was an intelligent and admirable dream.

Lo and behold…

Samsung announces the Galaxy Skin.  A flexible smartphone that folds onto itself and curves into a clock and music player.

I knew it could happen, you know, I just never realized it could happen THIS YEAR.  You get amazed every day. Thank you, Lord, for amazingness.

[News via ibtimes and androidauthority]



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