Clever: Bucket list in graffiti, tongue-in-cheek timekeepers, glow-in-the-dark social commentary and various graphics

After things that just make your eyes glaze over through sheer visual awe, now we have things that are cool because they say something about something.

1.  Before I Die by Candy Chang via studentdesignblog

by Candy Chang

2.  Mr. Jones’s “The Accurate” and “The Average Day” watches

Featured in Selectism.

The Accurate
The Average Day

3.  Jason Dean’s Day and Night poster

from This Is Colossal

Day and Night by Jason Dean

4.  Honest shirt.  That is one of the truer measures of love. I think.

By Paperwhite Studio via This is Colossal

5.  People Make Parks via publicinterestdesign

6.  Sophie Blackall’s Missed Connections illustrations via

7.  Cardon Copy via

8.  Bad at Math via

And a related article!

9.  Word Clocks by Doug Jackson

10.  The Computer Dilemma by John Dvorak


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