Around the net: things I liked looking at

Really vague.  But just trying to collect all these links I came across and enjoyed these past weeks.


1. I didn’t even know there were trailers for books.  Cool.

2.  Great playground design by Sofia Petersson’s German lanscape architecture firm Annabau.

3.  Apparently, the world now has an illustrated version of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style

O_O  (Japanese emoticon phase.)

Where were you when I was in college?

via brainpickings

4.  Rubber band type! From eujoonpaek’s blog entry about Typography Served.



5.  Yet another example of cool Japanese design.  Cafe/day, designed by Suppose Design Office, in Fukuoka.

I also love the blog where I got the link.



by Erin Hanson
Erin Hanson - 1 Minute Photoshop Thoughts
Erin Hanson - Deep Bullshit


6. Fun Pinterest page!

Crochet Ewok!!!!!!!!













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