ZARA: Why make a knapsack you can’t clean?

Oh, maybe because it’s only supposed to be used by people who own cars.

I went into a ZARA shop today, and saw this interesting backpack.  It had a cool closing system, a side handle (implying it could be carried as a duffel) and sturdy-looking seams.  It was made of some thick, matte-shine textile.  It was, altogether, handsome.

I asked for the bag’s price, and the saleslady showed me the product information page.  While looking at the product page, I noticed the care instructions:

Do not wash.

Do not dry clean.

Do not iron.

ZARA Backpack Ref. 6552/005

Okay.  So, if, in any case, (like usage, for example), the bag gets dirty, how the hell am I supposed to clean it?

I asked the saleslady, and she told me that the bag’s made of sensitive material, and can’t get wet; it’ll be destroyed easily.

ZARA, I understand that you’re a luxury brand, I really do.  I know that your target market is relatively posh, but I’m sure that it rains even on Italian streets.  What then?

It’s a backpack.  Backpack’s are typically used to house items that would need shielding from elements.  But, fine, bags are also mainly meant to collect and carry items in a manner that minimizes the use of hands, so in that sense, the bag is effective.

So, ZARA, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe the saleslady was exaggerating or misinformed, I don’t know.

It’s made of polyester cloth, for crying out loud, which is usually washable. Oh well.


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