User Experience Design, I love you!

Today was easily the most exciting day in my entire working life.  It wasn’t “big” or anything.  No grand presentations.  No meetings with honchos or billionaires.  This was more exciting than those were (Those were mostly nerve-wracking).  This was only really important to me.

I’ve wanted to get to use the Ideo UCD Toolkit for more than a year.  And, finally, finally, today I got to.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, God.

It was… exhilarating.  I know.  That’s reeeeeally dorky.  But you have to understand, I think it’s so beautiful to get to work hand-in-hand with visual designers, marketing strategists and developers on ideas that are better tailor-fit to the people you eventually want to end up using them.

It’s so….different, but still enriching.  We got to share in the experience of narrating real lives and experiences of individuals that could help them craft better interfaces.  And I love the step-by-step process of pattern-finding, insight-generation, then finding opoortunity areas prior to brainstorming.  Although, I think at some point, they got a bit frustrated with me.  But I’ll see what I can work on to make my facilitation better.

I long to accomplish something like this.

The concept, the video treatment, the detail, intimacy and innovativeness of the research… *sigh*.


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