Aurgasm: Rekindled love

I love you, Aurgasm.  I always have.  Our love affair started 4 years ago, when I was looking for “The Sweater”, I believe. Or was it “The Dress” by Blonde Redhead?

We didn’t see each other for years, because my job forced me to stay away from you.  Now, though, we are together again.  I can visit you regularly.

I now love you more.  Because of this note that you left for us readers.

Take an active approach in finding music you love. Only you can find what you love. Immerse yourself in it. Buy the CD. Go to the show and meet your favorite artist afterwards. Tell them their music changed you. Support the artists whose work you adore.

Be passionate about music.

It’s direct. Emphatic. Relatable. A statement that pushes you to pursue what it says.  Thanks.


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