Smart: Dribbble

by Brandon Ehrlich

I think dribbble is just smart.

It’s straightforward, but not spare or daunting, and each feature just seems to make sense.  I especially love the “browse by color” element.  Well, my gut reaction is it’s just plain fun.  But, from a user experience point of view, you also see how lovingly crafted the site is to answer the particular needs of the people who’d come to the site.  It has a very direct and sensible purpose.

And looks cute.

So, makers of dribbble.  I love you, guys, yes.


And now I’m ESPECIALLY happy because, apparently, the “color picker” part that I love was, apparently, only added about 3 months ago. Cool.  The beauty of constant learning and tweaking.

You can now search for shots by color. Just head over to the color search page (accessible via the Explore menu). There are color swatches at the top. We tried to provide broad coverage, but the swatch results are far from exhaustive coverage of all shots on Dribbble.

The color picker on the right allows you to select your own hex code and get as broad or precise as you like.dribbble blog


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