Google wants to know what I love.

There is something about this new quirk from Google that tugs at my heart.  Or at least evokes some sort of feeling – much more than Google+, at least.  Which they launched with much more fanfare.

It’s probably the phrasing of the question, I know.  The quaintness of it, the femininity, the allusion to passion for something.  It’s just a much more “human” service than Google+ seems to be.  I’ll talk about Google+ more later on, though.

Implied Intimacy

The “what do you love?” experience starts subtly enough – like a little tap on the shoulder once you open the Google page.  I think that’s a very smart move – to make the entry point almost like a whisper, something you’d miss if you didn’t read closely enough.  Adds to the intimacy and exclusivity of it.

Then you get to answer their “question” in a search field next to an icon button with a chubby heart on it! (like I said – soft and feminine.  I have to ask some men about their reactions to this.)

And once you enter what you like, voila!  It’s not always really useful (the search results, I mean.  Maybe my expectations were too high. Like expecting chocolate chip cookie art and analytics to start tumbling out), but there is a happy smorgasboard about whatever it is that you typed.  Sadly, the results didn’t pique my interest enough for me to click on any of them.  Since, as someone who loves what I entered in the search field (chocolate chip cookies), I’ve already had my share of images and sites on the topic already anyway, and the results didn’t offer anything compellingly new.

But! I did take a screenshot of the page because a whole set of content boxes on cookies just makes me happy.

Aside from seeming emotive, it’s also quite clever of Google to try to create a platform (actually a subtle ploy) for exposing people to their roster of products and services, as engadget points out. via Techcrunch.

Allusion to Fun-ness Trumps Practicality

I can imagine that it may be practical (easier navigation of a variety of results when you’re stalking…something), although generally I just think it’s a fun quirk from Google.  I am also particularly interested in the “trending” though.  I want to see what most people will type into the field, so I’m looking forward to those stats.

Definitely something that won me over more easily than Google +, though.  But we’ll see how my behavior will be impacted over time.

Google+, Supposedly Social

Maybe I’m not Google+’s main market, but there seems to be something stringent about it.  And I’m not even going to discuss how not-intuitive it is to navigate.  I’ll just focus on how it makes me feel – which is like the virtual counterpart of a doctor’s clinic.

I find it odd though that I feel that way.  It seems to have a sparer, but more playful interface, compared to facebook’s pretty straightforward layout.  But despite that, Google+ feels more pragmatic than friendly.  Or maybe it just needs to build its base of users still.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


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