I’m sorry, Adidas. What were you trying to say exactly?

Before I could post my musings on brand Adidas, Adidas just had to do me one better and launch their new ad campaign.
Their new tag line is ‘It’s all in.” I’m sorry – Adidas, even if I don’t personally like you a lot, as a lover of branding, I want you to succeed.
What target did you think you were trying to get with “It’s all in”?  What do you think it was supposed to mean? In my opinion, you can only use vague copy if it’s accompanied with strong emotive imagery or a whole emotive non-traditional advertising campaign.

Just thinking of common threads in branding for sneaker/athletic shoe brands, the primary thing the brand should communicate is potency, a sense of power. And “it’s all in” with just a montage of celebrity endorsers… doesn’t that communicate just popularity and diversity rather than power? Unless that’s really Adidas’ new move — to create an athletic shoe brand that is more about being embracive than strong. We’ll see how it works – it may be too soon to say since the campaign may have succeeding communication stages.


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