Wow. (My short ode to the Harry Potter Finale film)

I am so grateful that this is a season of moving movies.  I haven’t watched a lot this year, but at least the ones that I did watch touched my heart. Yay! Okay, except you, Green Lantern. You were a waste of my money, I’m sorry to say.  I wish I had just watched Green Hornet again instead of you, and even that I was only 80% happy with.

I am wholly grateful for the power of film, of visual narrative, to suspend your life for a few hours and absorb all your attention into an entire world of emotion and alternate reality.

Right now, I just want to collect a bunch of pictures from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  Kudos to you, David Yates and Eduardo Serra.  I am so so grateful that you didn’t butcher the translation of the Harry Potter finale to film. Thank you!

Of course, the movie can’t completely communicate all the elements of the book.  And, of course, a huge part of why I cried during the film was out of the sentimentality of it being the last of the set.  But, still, beyond all that, I was stunned.  I refuse to say anything really wrong about the movie. Because, I guess, comparing it to many quite uh….lacking…adaptations (*cough* The Da Vinci Code *cough* Watchmen *cough*), I’m already really happy with this.

via Oclumencia
via Oclumencia

It was very precise, in my opinion.  The darkness and quietness of certain scenes felt like they were meant to be just so.  The visualization of the Snape narrative was concise, but comprehensive.  The emotions in the actors’ faces were how they needed to be (Minerva McGonagall and Sirius Black, I love you guys.  Sirius, I’ve loved you since the launch of your character.)  It was a studied adaptation.  And, well, it should be.  I’m wary about comparing it to the likes of The Lord of The Rings and White Oleander, but, you know, this movie made me that happy.

As I also liked in the book, I love that the supporting students get their time to shine in the last leg of the saga – Go Neville!  And, lastly, I am really thankful that, unlike in the previous movie, I was sucked into the movie enough to not get distracted by Emma Watson’s hotness.  So, instead, I shall celebrate her beauty here.


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