Surf trail: nice images, a romantic movie, a practical app, a sensible website-slash-marketing-ploy, Ice Vader and a bacon alarm clock!

Smart site by Burton.  Straightforward concept – similar to the funneling and flowchart-y activities used in mobile phone sites, or pop culture visual jokes.

But I guess it hits a nerve, because it really is useful.  Particularly for Burton’s market of daypack carriers and sportspeople with specific bag needs.

It also stirs up quite a bit of buzz – with the fun interface being talked about on PopMag (where I saw it), NotCot, Shred On Magazine, YoBeat, and a new go-to site for me: Carryology.

via PopMag
Burton "Bag Check"

Another web service which fills a real need is Decide.  An app that tracks product lifecycles and price movements, to aid consumers in making decisions about whether and when to buy electronics.  This’ll probably impact pricing and demand, so I’m not even sure if it’s a good thing for the market in general, but I know it’ll help people plan their budgets.

via The Curator’s Life


I’m not a bacon fan myself, but I can relate to how unpleasant it is to be abruptly woken up. So, hooray for Matty Salin and Josh Myer for engineering this bacon-cooking alarm clock! via Neatorama

Wake N' Bacon

I never thought choreographed flickering lights could be so…visually…sexy…? via weheart.

Covers blog by John Paul Thurlow.  A project, where he plans on recreating every magazine and album cover that he owns.

via The Import
John Paul Thurlow

Sarah Otley‘s sketches of city life.

via We Heart

Are Ya Thirsty?  – A blog on bottled drinks unique to Japan.

Tropicana Orange with Rare Cheese Flavor

Aaagh. Seems like a great movie.  Thank you, ichigoichielove!

For the memories. via Neatorama

Stoyn Ice Cream

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