Still raining. More time for Internet.

UPDATE: The search is over.

You’re beautiful, brown leather Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Slim.

Because of the rain proving the watertightness of my shoes, I’ve recently been on a shoe-googling frenzy.

I eventually want to find dapper-looking sneakers.  I already have a grunge-y but classic pair, and a sleeker pair for really wearing down every day.  So, I want something that’s still a sneaker, but…”dressier”.

I guess I’ll just collect pictures of ones that I liked here. For future decision-making.  If any one out there has reviews on these brands, or the specific shoes, feel free to comment.  I really want to find a pair that will last.  I’ve worn down too many sneakers that I loved.

Adidas Women’s Adria PS

DC Studio
DC Riviera TX
K-Swiss All Court Tennis, image from SoleTrader

Also, a pretty handsome wallet. Clean lines. Warm color. Lots of room.

Bellroy Take Out wallet

While surfing for shoes, I saw The Curator’s Life.  Which has pretty interesting posts.

+ Pool

A project, by Family and PlayLab, a floating pool that filters the water that it’s floating in. via The Curator’s Life

+ Pool

Deep Fried Kool-Aid?!

via The Curator's Life

Originally created by “Chicken Charlie”, recipes can be found here and here.


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