Around the net: virtual collage pop stars, really cool shopper experiences, an art-filled calendar and a three-in-one seat

Today is a rainy day.

More time to stay indoors and surf.

1.  First up is a video.

It documents the “birth” of AKB48’s newest member — Eguchi Aimi.  AKB48 is a wildly popular pop girl group in Japan.  Eguchi Aimi is a moving composite of seven of the AKB48 girls, designed to seem like a real human being.

Eguchi Aimi

Just a really really great hype machine.  She was able to build a base of followers through her sheer existence, and now, because of the CGI buzz, the group even becomes more popular.  Hats off to whoever thought of creating her. Twisted, but successful.

via The Telegraph, Tokyohive, Gizmodo, Rekuru, Pure Idol Heart and Coolest Kid on The Blog

2.  There is this very functional and beautiful workbench featured on Georges Zigrandes’ blog.

Estrela Vintage Workbench

3.  Images from The Open Daybook, via brain pickings.  Maria Popova, I continue to adore your choice of things to post.  Someday, maybe, I hope, I get to pick your brain.

4. Fun developments in designing retail spaces! From Peter T’ Hoen’s branding retail en design!

(That sounds like an ad testimonial.)

A redesigned Starbucks in Omotesando.

Starbucks b-side by Hiroshi Fujiwara

Three-storey chicken living station – with ideal laying, roosting and feeding conditions.

Chicken Co-op by raadstudio


Aaargh I love this store concept.  BLESS Home.  A store-residence where apartment-dwellers become curators-shopkeepers of the brand and its espoused lifestyle and products.  Now, that is immersion and integrated experience.


The first BLESShome can be visited for an entirely private BlessShop experience in a private apartment. The clients will be able to visit the Shopkeeper’s home as a friend and can participate in her/his life. There will also even be a possibility to stay overnight.” – Bless SHOP site

via brandd and Garbage Dress

Another “wow”. You by Dialect gadgets and electronics store in Stockholm, by Electric Dreams.  I very much agree with the we heart blog post — “Where do you enjoy the consumer electronics you buy? The majority of the time it’s at home, so, why do consumer electronics shops all look like a clinical, space-age hospital waiting room?”

by Electric Dreams

5.  Beautiful blog by Sofie Brunner and 17 others from Brunner Studios – Sofiliumm.

Featuring Slumber Poufs. What a great name.

Slumber Poufs, by Aleksandra Gaca

6. Nice pictures.

What if you lived at Ikea, by Christian Gideon


Hoshiko the City Child, by Aya Takano

7.  Work tips.


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