Yakido! A Japanese Mister Donut surf trail.

In Japan, apparently, Mister Donut came up with a Baked Donut line, which I read about on Super Happy Awesome Fun Time. (Man, I love that name.)

I’m still waiting for more information about them (like donut flavors, etc.) to circulate on the web, but all I found is the press release for its TV commercial.

(The picture below links to the official Mister Donut Japan page! These Japanese websites really inspire me to learn to read [and think] in Japanese.)

Mister Donuts Yakido via superhappyawesome
Yakido via superhappyawesome

I was mistaken! I just had to look up the romanized japanese name for them – yakido.

And it led me to these!

– The commercial!

– A list of the flavors! via Hotmilk and Music

“1 Apple and caramel sauce
2 Milk [raised]
3 Sweet potato and Spinach
4 Pumpkin
5 Chocolate chip and Burdock
6 Strawberry and Cranberry
7 Orange peel
8 Cinnamon and Chocolate”

– Various pop culture updates in the world of mass-produced donuts! Like:

Barbie x Krispy Kreme Collaboration via Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi

Still from Japan.  I hope people notice that…pink donut carrier in the middle.  Someday, I will try to get my hands on that.  Once, I have display space.
And (via Baking Bites):

Dunkin Donuts’ Create the Next Donut Campaign

Sadly, the official site has already been taken down.   Mashable does have some screenshots of what it looked like, though, and updates on the contest.

Searching for the Mister Donuts Japan donuts also led me to 1000 Things about Japan, a blog by an American woman who has lived in Japan for decades, and her snack food blog, Japanese Snack Reviews.  Yay for Japanese snacks!

2 thoughts on “Yakido! A Japanese Mister Donut surf trail.

    1. Yeah, I’d love to get to try them someday! I’m very very thankful for your blog; it’s like getting a vicarious experience of Japanese pop culture and convenience stores:) If ever I get to go to Tokyo, I wish I could run into you guys!

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