Surf trail: Japanese blogs (mostly food) and Decluttering

I’m sorry.  I’m tech-inept, and can’t seem to figure out why or how the font size and spacing on my previous post got screwed up.

I know it became even more burdensome to read, sorry.

Thanks to the 1000 Things about Japan blog that I mentioned yesterday, I saw all of these links to other Japanese life-related blogs that I enjoyed!

1. Tokyo Mango

Cat ears that express emotions, a Yahoo! Japan iPad app that lets you cut and create your own maps, and a blog of floating self-portraits! I love this.

2.  spacious planet

I liked the post discussing the Japanese middle class.  It is well, vague.  But, I like the attempt at trying to briefly describe the particular lifestyle layer.


From Just A Gaijin Mama

Her blog on mostly snack food reviews.

4.  Just Another Day in Japan, which led me to Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese)

5.  And, through a Krispy Kreme picture on Japanese Snack Food Reviews, I found the cute Japanese milk-drinking campaign!

Milk Japan

And..plush breasts!

Funwari Milk Chan via Topless Robot

6.  Not a Japanese blog.  But I liked Small Notebook. It’s a compilation of tips on practical skills and decluttering.  The blog look feels…delicate, but useful.  If that description makes sense.  I guess it’s the blue tones, spare look and clean, focused (central object, usually still life) pictures.

via Small Notebook

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