Random: Charitable Bread, Poverty, Infographics-for-everyone, and Beyonce’s Pop Feminism

I decided to split this already-existent post, since it was long, attracted views, but mostly because it was a mixed bag of topics.

So I decided to separate the donut bit, and the social responsibility bit and this more random part 🙂

Which is really just about Beyonce’s “Who Run the World” and a photography project on Think.BigChief.


1.  My brain is stuck on “Who Run the World (Girls)”.

It just loops in my head.  Not like a mantra or an anthem, no.  It’s not like I feel like it’s some authentically moving female empowerment piece.
But, it has a reeeeally infectious beat.  For me, at least.

So I wanted to see what other people think.  And I find it cool to realize that it does lack a real melody.  But I’m not complaining, really.  Just points out how I enjoy music, but I’m not savvy in the taking-it-apart kind of way that some people can do.


2.  Dear Photograph, which I saw on Think.Bigchief.

Dear Photograph



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