Copious (via Fast Company): Quite fitting

Thanks to Fast Company for this post on Copious, “a new online marketplace that leverages Facebook’s social graph”.

I don’t think anyone (who lived before the 80’s) could have predicted how the Internet, or the computer, would transform the aspects of our daily lives — from taking mementos of ourselves, to talking, to doing business.

Aubrey Rynae "Tracy" - from Susan Galvan Luis

Interesting, how the post points out that marketing and selling online are now moving away from anonimity to authenticity.  Okay, yes, not everything on the Internet is “real”, so to speak.  But, there really is, now, greater pressure on brands or creators/sellers of anything to be honest about themselves. It is, I think, very smart or wily of the creators to not allow any of the content to be viewable if you aren’t logged in.  It just highlights the insularity of facebook and its kindred, and it really forces people to make a shift in their behaviour.  Just smart.  Or cunning. I don’t know yet.

I’m just excited about how Copious will be used by people — Will it actually work?  Is it really that much more comforting to be aware of the social networks and identity of the person I’m buying from, even if it’s only facebook information?  Will the features, like the “people”-location-power bars, matter and how?

Etsy brought designers and crafters to a bigger audience but still retained their niche-y-ness, a homebase feel.  I want to what kind of impression Copious begins to form as a really more free-form marketplace — open to anyone and anything.  In which case…thinking of the most significant strengths of the Internet…then, yeah, Copious is probably going to succeed, even if, right now, it’s still pretty empty.

It is a new age, and it’s so exciting to see.  Copious is new, and I’ll check out what happens to it in the future.

Side note:  I also enjoyed the Jan Chipchase article on  I love how culture is so “global” now.  We can actually look to cues from other countries’ middle classes to see pointers and hotspots for our own issues and products, in an almost real-time, multisensory way.  Amazing.


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